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The Kythera island, one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, is a small, 284 square kilometers island, located on the south part of the Ionian Sea, with many beautiful beaches, ancient castles and churches. In contrast to the majority of Greek islands, Kythera is a 'green' island. Trees, like pine trees and eucalyptus, flowers, small rivers and small water sources are found on the island. Especially during the Spring the island is like a heaven on earth.
Kythera is an isolated island where tourism is quite undeveloped, so it looks like a calm refuge. The beaches are deserted and astonishing while the way of life is traditional. Hora, the capital, has postcard beauty: it's a blue and white Greek village, guarded by a mighty ruined fortress. The central square is planted with hibiscus, bougainvillea and palms. 
Kythera also has some places to see, such as the monastery of the Panagia Mirtidiotissa, the patron saint of the island, with a tall carved tower, Palio Hora, the place of legends and history. Also there`s the Archaeological Museum.
In Kythera there are many traditional villages that you should visit if you want to capture the spirit of the island. Do not forget to take a walk in Chora, the capital of the island, to get in touch with tradition in Aroniadika, to admire the beauty of Milopotamos, see the Venetian Castle in Kato Chora and take a stroll at the streets of Kastrisianika.  
Kythera's beaches are considered the most unpolluted in the Mediterranean. The beaches are plenty and wonderful and, surprisingly, uncrowded, even during the high season. Don't miss the opportunity to swim in the turquoise waters of Kapsali, Sparagio, Chalkos, Creek Vroulea, Fyri Ammos, Kobonada, Avlemonas, Palaiopoli, Kakladi, Fyri Ammos, Kalamitsi, Kakia Langada, Platia Ammos, Fournoi, Lykodimos, Limnionas, Agios Lefteris and many more.



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