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Air tickets
You can book a ticket to anywhere in the world, choosing a convenient option for you to travel by the date and price.

Choose a hotel to your individual preference is not difficult, using of the company's database

Business Tourism
Specialists in organizing conferences, seminars, exhibitions, banquets and any kind of scientific, social and tourist activities. We organize tours of varied interests such as sports, history, culture, etc.

Support to travelers
While on holiday abroad, and preferably be familiar with the customs of the country and its features. But sometimes there are exceptions, in these cases, we offer support travelers in order to maintain a good mood and to maximize the time of vacation for a rest: compilation of individual programs, offer routes from personal experience.
Also, the Russian-speaking guide at your disposal, as for individuals so and for group travel.

VIP services
Rent Yachts, Cars. Allow yourself the luxury of a normal-to have a private vehicle, freeing up time for an unforgettable experience!

The most important event in your life - the first joint trip of your young family. Spend your honeymoon at the famous secular life of the island in a luxury hotel on the beach or in secluded picturesque islands, preserving national traditions.

Weekend Breaks in Europe
Visiting exhibitions, concerts, shopping and just walk the streets of European cities, meet holidays or weekends with friends in the ski resorts of Europe is this not what you dreamed for?

Youth programms
Ladies and Gentlemen! Scientists - light and ignorance - darkness.....
Investing in education - investing in success.
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