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Incredibly beautiful Greek island Mykonos is often called a real pearl of the Cyclades. Being located between Tinos and Naxos this island is literally tiny, in comparison with other Greek islands.
The tourists are attracted by the favourable Mediterranean climate, which characterized by quite high temperatures of the air and also of water in summer and surprisingly mild winter. Obviously, such weather conditions become a tremendous drive for organizing of diverse recreation during the whole year.
But not only wonderful climate is the answer of such a popularity of the resort. Cosmopolitism brings fame to this island. The freedom of self-expression and amazing brightness of the life single Mykonos out of the other Greek islands. You can have fun and a rest as well as every traveler wants.
But if night clubs and incredible beach parties are not in your plans, it`s worth to come to Mykonos to take delight from a wonderful sea rest, exciting jeep-safari and interesting sea walks to the neighbouring islands.
Though Mykonos doesn`t have gorgeous sights, everything is soaked with the atmosphere of ancience and charm of ancient legends. Sights you can discover the nearby islands of Dilos, which marked the beginning of tourism in Greece.
Tour to Mykonos will turn you in to amazing trip to the country of unrestrained fun, bright colours and endless joy, which will leave unbelievable impressions in your memory.



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