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Kimolos is a small rocky island with volcanic activity and a huge variety of chalk-colored soil layers with the most characteristic kimoliti or kimolia (Greek names for chalk) as most people call it.
It is worth to mention the rich fauna of the island.  In the mountainous part of the island you can find rare endemic viper species (known locally as lebetina), the blue lizard, the shag, the golden owl, rare hawk species, and many migratory birds.  
The populations of ?Kimolos is still dedicated to agriculture and farming. You can find here few fishing villages and ?mining activity both in Kimolos and in Milos, and of course, tourism is now developing. In the whole, it is a place where simplicity, hospitable people and beaches, along with the necessary restaurants and cafes allow unique moments of quietness. Milos is close by, and a small ferry can carry you to visit also this island.
The "Chorio", Kimolos town, less than 1 km. from the port, offers a full dive into the past: paved narrow streets, abandoned houses being now recovered, typical Cycladic stone- built houses. Now, little by little, old buildings are being restored, and new one are showing, both for the improved conditions and for tourism. Roads are sufficiently wide and paved to visit the most important beaches and zones. The island is full of churches, dating back to the 16th century.
In conclusion it`s necessary to mention, that this island is ideal for quiet rest and will leave unforgettable impressions.



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